Schedule Reliability Scorecard (SRS) for Q2 2024
2024-07-10 11:29

Schedule Reliability Scorecard (SRS) for Q2 2024

The analysis covers carrier performance, trade lane efficiency, and regional and port-specific reliability.

Key Q2 highlights:

  1. Global Schedule Reliability: Declined over 30% against Q1, back down to covid pandemic levels.
  2. Top Ports: Livorno reclaims the top spot, with European ports dominating the Top 10.
  3. Carrier Rankings: PIL & CMA CGM lead, with Maersk narrowly edged out (after 4-year leading run!).
  4. Regional Insights: Improvements on West Coast North America; challenges in Asia-Europe and East Coast North America.

🔍 Dive into detailed data and analyses, including:

  • Carrier and alliance performance
  • Trade lane-specific insights
  • Regional and port rankings

We hope this data and analysis will help you stay ahead and support strategic choices.

Source: eeSea