Revolutionizing Green Logistics With a State-Of-The-Art Terminal and Central Hub in Rotterdam
2024-07-04 12:21

Revolutionizing Green Logistics With a State-Of-The-Art Terminal and Central Hub in Rotterdam

The following release was published by Samskip:

Samskip and Matrans Rotterdam Terminal are proud to announce the launch of their new terminal and future hub in Rotterdam. This initiative marks a significant step forward in our partnership and commitment towards sustainability and reliable service.

Rotterdam, known as a key multimodal hub in Samskip’s network, has long been vital to its operations. Recognizing the importance of reliability, sustainability and the goal for continuous improvement, Samskip with trusted partner Matrans envision a future of customer centric integrated operations.

This realization comes to life through the development of a state-of-the-art green terminal in Rotterdam. The terminal will serve as a central hub for Samskip and Matrans operations in containerized transport and breakbulk transport.

Samskip will achieve increased control over vessel, rail and barge operations, mitigating bottlenecks and inefficiencies in its supply chain. Complete visibility, control and information over the full value chain allow for optimized planning and simplified operations, reducing costs and time associated with modal switches. Matrans continues operations for existing customers in breakbulk, containers and RoRo (non-ferrous metals, forest products, general cargo and project cargo).

The new hub will focus on sustainable solutions to drive multimodal transport, combined with electrification of vehicles, shore power and solar power, contributing to reduced environmental impact. The terminal will contribute to faster and more reliable transit times for containerized and breakbulk transport. This will include the lowest possible CO2 footprint, aligning with both Samskip’s and Matran’s commitment to sustainability.

Digital solutions will optimize transport and operations, driving improved efficiency and reliability. The integration of IT systems across the supply chain enables dynamic prioritization of cargo and enhances operational flexibility, further enhancing Samskip’s and Matrans’ customer-centric approach. These efforts will streamline processes and enhance efficiency, decarbonization and high reliability for current and new customers of Samskip and Matrans.

Hans Vervat, Matrans Rotterdam Terminal owner said: “We feel proud to take this meaningful step towards the future with a terminal that is sustainable by design and that will serve as an integrated hub in Rotterdam. This new terminal will greatly serve our current and future customers and protect the environment for years to come.”

Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, Samskip CEO said: “Our mission is to deliver reliable logistics solutions to support customers, their business and their ambitions. This project is aimed at doing just that, to serve our customers. The new initiative also shows our sincere commitment to sustainability placing it at the heart of our company to deliver our vision of making green logistics easy.”

Peter Barnhoorn, Matrans Rotterdam Terminal Managing Director said: “We are delighted to strengthen our collaboration with Samskip. By combining our strengths, we believe we can secure future growth and better serve our customers. By investing and executing operations with less environmental footprint, the New Matrans Rotterdam Terminal will be a true and inspiring example of a sustainable way of operating logistics.”

Frédéric Leca, Samskip COO said: “This terminal will give us many benefits with fully digitized and automated processes to solve complexity and enhance throughput. It’s more environmentally friendly, optimized & efficient, connecting rail and vessel with autonomous machinery and automated planning.”

Rick ter Maat, JBR Corporate Finance Partner said: “We as JBR are proud to have assisted Samskip throughout the entire process in coming to the joint venture with Matrans. The partnership between Matrans and Samskip marks the beginning of a new green chapter, continuing the strong foundation laid by the company and Hans Vervat over many years.”

Source: Samskip