Container Throughput Across Saudi Ports During November 2023 Surges by 16.85%
2023-12-14 11:15

Container Throughput Across Saudi Ports During November 2023 Surges by 16.85%

The following release was published by Mawani:

Saudi ports overseen by the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) have achieved a 16.85% growth in container throughput during November 2023 to 737,530 TEUs compared to 631,160 TEUs in the same month in 2022, which reflects the role played by the national maritime regulator in enhancing logistics services, improving the Kingdom’s rankings in international indices, and boosting national economic growth.

Exported containers during November 2023 recorded an increase of 15.95% to 212,216 TEUs in contrast to 183,024 TEUs in the same period last year. Imported containers also soared by 18.67% to 224,324 TEUs in comparison to 189,029 TEUs in the same month of 2022.

Transshipments, too, registered a 16.16% rise to 300,990 TEUs against 259,108 TEUs in November 2022, which works towards strengthening the competitivity of Mawani’s port services as per world-class standards in line with the objectives of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS) that aim to position the Kingdom as a global logistics hub connecting three major continents.

General cargo volumes totaled 891,980 tons, dry bulk cargo equaled 3,494,161 tons, while liquid bulk cargo amounted to 11,205,789 tons. On the other hand, Mawani’s ports unloaded an estimated 754,124 cattle heads, a 159% leap from 291,169 cattle heads during the same period in 2022.

Mawani’s ports also welcomed 78,264 passengers, a 6.30% uptick over the same month in 2022 that logged 73,627 passengers. Meanwhile, the ports received 82,649 vehicles, a 0.84% fall from 83,352 units during the same period last year. Likewise, vessel traffic edged up by 2.11% to 1,016 ships versus 995 ships in November 2022.

Cargo throughput witnessed a 6.13% drop to 23,717,049 tons in contrast to 25,265,615 tons in the same period in 2022. Food commodities also recorded a plunge of 33.07% during November 2023 to 1,268,832 tons compared to 1,895,765 tons in November 2022.

Mawani had earlier added 27 new cargo services run by global shipping giants to Saudi ports over the course of 2023, with the aim of expanding the network of regular maritime links connecting the Kingdom with the rest of the world. This contributes to raising the country’s rank in regional and international performance indices, boosting competitiveness, and optimizing port efficiency through the deployment of modern equipment, besides world-class initiatives that seek to automate port operations in a bid to cement the Kingdom’s pioneering role in the maritime and logistics sector.

Source: Mawani