ACP to re-tender Corozal box terminal
2017-05-16 06:55

ACP to re-tender Corozal box terminal

In Panama, the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has given the management team authorisation to go ahead with a possible new tender for the proposed container terminal at Corozal Oeste.

This will involve any necessary changes to the terms and conditions of the tender that those responsible think necessary. The concessionaire will have to both develop and operate the facility.

The previous attempt to put the port out to concession resulted in no bids being received for the tender. As a result, the Board of Directors wants its management team to find out why this was the case and make any relevant changes so that the next tender will succeed.

According to the Canal administrator, Jorge Luis Quijano, “The ACP is to continue evaluating the Corozal Oeste project, given that it forms part of the strategic commercial development of the Canal, since it has a significant potential.”

Source: Port Strategy (LF)

Source: Port Strategy