2023: HAROPA PORT stays on course and displays growth financial results
2024-01-31 10:20

2023: HAROPA PORT stays on course and displays growth financial results

The following advisory was published by HAROPA PORT:

In 2023, HAROPA PORT maintains its market share in the northern range, despite a decrease in maritime traffic. With a turnover of €416 million, up +9.8%, the port displays solid financial results. The structuring of a green Sequanian corridor continues, with major installations in new fuels and the development of multimodality.

In a declining global context, a lower container volumes handled by Northern Range ports and national strikes, the port's maritime traffic reached 81.3 Mt (2.63 TEU), down by -4.5% compared with 2022.

Ro-Ro traffic was down 9% to 249,000 vehicles. HAROPA PORT is adapting to the needs of operators, mobilizing additional land for vehicle storage. The CAT group's presence in Rouen site is a proof of this.

An industrial cluster that continues to decarbonize thanks to a sharp increase in investment The structuring of the carbon-free Sequanian logistics corridor is continuing, thanks to growing investment: €126 million from the public sector and €462 million from the private sector.

CO2 capture thanks to the ECO2-Normandy consortium, industrial ecology, new energies with the SOCRATE association... The port is also mobilizing with its partners.

An increasing modal transfer
Modal transfer has increased by one point for river transport and 0.2 points for rail from Le Havre. This is reflected in the opening of new lines ; two rail links have recently been opened: Le Havre/Clermont-Ferrand and Voutré/Bonneuil-sur-Marne.

At Gennevilliers, Paris Terminal SA set an all-time record, handling 130,895 TEUs, an increase in volumes of +1%.

To reinforce this progress, HAROPA PORT continues to develop its multimodal platforms (such as Bruyères-sur-Oise, which will be operational by the end of 2024).

2024, structuring projects HAROPA PORT is continuing to invest, with €201 million dedicated to multimodality:

construction work of the river access to Port 2000 in Le Havre; construction work of Port Seine-Métropole Ouest (West Metropolitan Seine Port); road and rail infrastructure serving Port 2000 berths 11 and 12 work (in conjunction with TiL-MSC investment); modernization of the Petit-Couronne quay in Rouen.