Tuesday Jun 30th 2020

RCL links current Malaysia Service with Indonesia Ports

The following advisory was published by RCL Group:

RCL is pleased to announce a revamp of its RMS service, currently trading in the Straits of Malacca between Singapore-Westport-Northport-Penang-Singapore.

Branded as the RMS15, the revamped service will link up Malaysia and Indonesia in a new butterfly service. This service will be served by 2 X 1,200 TEU sized vessels with the following rotation:

The maiden voyage on the revamped service will commence with the Teera Bhum departing Singapore on the 1st July 2020 from Singapore on its northbound journey to Malaysia.

According to a RCL spokesperson, “With companies relocating their supply chains to South East Asia (SE Asia) and this region seeing growing middle classes with greater propensity for personal consumption, direct connectivity and increased sailing frequencies within this area are important considerations both our COC and SOC customers.

With the new RMS15, COC customers can now enjoy direct connectivity between Penang and Jakarta and vice versa. RCL’s SOC customers will also have a choice of 3 weekly sailings now between Jakarta and Singapore with the RTI01, RTI02 and of course the new RMS15 extension.

Source: RCL (JK)